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real estate duncraig2015 is seeing an amazing year for Real Estate in Duncraig!

According to – these 10 Western Australian suburbs have the most number of people looking per listing:

  1. Mount Hawthorn
  2. Nedlands
  3. Peppermint Grove
  4. Bull Creek
  5. Carine
  6. Leederville
  7. Melville
  8. Darlington
  9. Mount Claremont
  10. Duncraig

There is a heartbeat to Real Estate Duncraig that beats around families and family friendly facilities.

David Snell from Davey Real Estate North Beach has living in Duncraig for many years and says, “How can you not like Duncraig? Duncraig is family friendly to the maximum! The 3 reasons below are why people see value in real estate Duncraig:

1. Six highly regarded schools. Schools are the primary motivating factor why parents choose to bring up their children in this community. They are very highly regarded. Government schools include Poynter Primary, Davaillia Primary, Glengarry Primary, Duncraig Primary and Duncraig High School. The private St. Stephens School which is an arm of the Uniting Church, is renowned for it’s pastoral care.

2. Nine lush parks to enjoy – Granadilla Park, Juniper Park, Portree Park, Greenlaw Park, Marri Park, Melene Park, Noal Gannon Park, Percy Doyle Reserve and Salata Park – all sanctuaries in our busy world!

3. Five brilliant, community minded shopping centres which are all diverse and convenient. Lilburne Road shop, Duncraig Village (Burragah Way), Duncraig Shopping Centre (Marri Road) Carine Glades Shopping Centre (Davallia Road/Beach Road), Glengarry Shopping Centre (Glengarry Drive, Arnisdale Road).

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